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Story of Mayur Patil

Little boy Mayur Patel’s life was full of tragedies, first his mother died and after father too. Mayur fell ill very often, so his relative took him to hospital and they found his is an HIV + patient and his parents were died of AIDS. Panicked by the fact that a HIV patient is staying in their home, Mayur’s relatives wanted to sent him away. But they could not find a place to put him. And, finally they found BLESS FOUNDATION, and brought him here. A fragile and timid Mayur was very often plagued by a host of diseased including sickle cell and bone TB.

Most of the time he was bedridden or in the hospital. While staying in BLESS FOUNDATION he came to know bout jesus who heals. He started praying for healing. And during a New year prayer meet he got a promise verse of I am Lord that health thee. He started trusting in the promise and jesus healed him of bone TB and sickle cell disease. Now he is a healthy child. Mayur started attending school and now appealing for 10 th exam.

May or is one of the 22 boys at BLESS FOUNDATION, who are either HIV interacted or affected, found hope and got a new lease of life here. They would have ended up in HIV wards of government hospitals or in streets as urchins and beggar. However, they found solace and mercy in BLESS FOUNDATION.

Story of Sunil Vaishali

The story of Sunil 9 and Vaishali, 7 both are HIV interacted is the finest example of how HIV destroys families and stigmatises small children. The Children lost their mother four years ago. She was died of AIDS. Their father was also infected and took care of them for quite some time. But he also fell ill and it was Sunil who cooked food and looked after the ailing father. Their father was a truck driver with a small company. When the father’s condition was worsened, he was admitted to a hospital. And nobody was there to feed the children. Company officials’ occasional support was not enough them.

At last, they took the children to BLESS FOUNDATION. When admitted, both the children were so pale and thin. But after some days their health improved. Both of them were admitted in a nearby school and started enjoying their innocent childhood Sunil and Vaishali only knew their father was ill and would be well soon. Like every child, they also waited for their father and his gifts. However, after some months, the company people brought them the painful news that their father is no more.

The Children wept bitterly for some hours. But their new Pappa Pr. Reji Thomas and Mummy Mini Reji and all the other members of BLESS Foundation helped them to overcome the great loss. They may not see their father again. But they are taught here about and eternal father who is always with them in every moment of time both in sadness and happiness.

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